By Martin Naumann April 15, 2024

Live Demonstration of our latest results at the HANNOVER MESSE

HANNOVER MESSE is the most important international platform and hot spot for industrial transformation - with excellent innovations or unusual products.

At the Hannover Messe, the project partners demonstrate what they have achieved as yet. An individual image taken in 2D with industrial camera technology (“One-Shot Demonstration”) of the component and little computing power are sufficient for the robot to pick up, inspect, and position this component as desired. The software Xeidana┬«, developed at Fraunhofer IWU, verifies whether the robot has picked up the correct component. Guests at the booth can try it out themselves: They place a gear at any point on a table in the workspace of a collaborative robot (a robot designed for collaboration with people). Based on the image information, the software determines the positions of all objects relative to the robot, calculates the robot’s path, and determines the gripping position. The robot then picks up the gear, and inspects it, relying entirely on the image information. This is where real-time evaluation of force data comes into play, guiding the robot on how to fit the picked-up gear into a second gear, using a smart application of AI that mimics human touch. A digital twin additionally visualizes all real actions of the robot. Visitors can also experience the assembly and integrated quality control application live.

Live demonstration of flexible gripping and quality inspection

Live demonstration of flexible gripping and quality inspection

Final adjustments to the demonstrator